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So...What's Spiritual Currency?

Have you ever considered the idea of spiritual currency? I recently attended an educational session by Dr. Ken Boa and Russ Crosson hosted by Kingdom Advisors. The idea they proposed is how can we take our gifts, possessions, money, etc., and convert them into an eternal currency of God’s Kingdom. Below are my thoughts on this topic after being introduced to the concept, and subsequent mental wanderings.

Some believe good works are required to get into their spiritual afterlife. Christians believe that simply accepting the gift God gave us through the death of his son Jesus Christ is enough to get into heaven. Others believe that releasing our illusion of control and worldly attachments leads to enlightenment and we become one with the spiritual, cosmic forces that influence the universe. So how does the concept of spiritual currency fit in?

During life, we all receive various degrees of wealth and general stuff (aka spiritual currency). Once in our possession, we have a choice of how to use it. Often what we get is used in service of our own whims and needs, but for those who may have more how do they allocate their resources? That’s where the idea of spiritual currency as I interpret it comes in. We are all given certain tangible things, money, and skills we can use in our lives for the promotion of our own lives, as well as others around us.

So, what I propose is that you ask yourself what spiritual currency you have available to spend, and how you can best spend that to live a values-focused life with massive amounts of personal fulfillment.

Need help making the best use of your spiritual currency? We can help.


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